Shaping the next generation of elite athletes

CBW Soccer Elite is a full-service college recruiting agency led by coach, educator and retired EPL captain Chris Bart-Williams. 


For over a decade, Chris has used his deep knowledge of player development and his vast network of college coaches to help student-athletes get identified by US college soccer programs. 


Our recruitment advisers understand that each family's college journey is unique. Our staff are former professional players, college coaches, administrators and educators who have extensive experience preparing players for the demands of college soccer. 


We offer personalized recruiting assistance, a year-round Training Academy and exclusive ID camps to help players get identified and enjoy a successful college soccer experience.


"As a retired elite athlete with 35 years of world-class playing and coaching experience, I'm passionate about developing children and young adults into highly successful soccer players.


My goal is to empower players to have the confidence and technical ability to excel in soccer while learning valuable lessons in responsibility and teamwork that will prepare them for a lifetime of success. Everything I do is designed to maximize athletes' unique potential and propel them to their personal best in soccer and in life."

Chris Bart-Williams

Founder/CEO, CBW Soccer Elite




After an incredible professional career, starting in the English Premier League at age 16 and playing for England's national team and top-tier clubs across Europe, Coach Chris's mission is to give back to the sport that has given him so much – to help the next generation of athletes excel in the game.


As founder of CBW Soccer Elite, Chris now uses his vast experience in elite international competition to provide insight and guidance to club and college coaches, parents and players around the world.


He is delighted to have a continuing impact on the game of soccer and thoroughly enjoys helping families navigate their soccer journeys.   

My own journey is the reason I am committed to coaching – to share my passion, dedication and steps to success.”

Chris Bart-Williams, Founder