Mental Performance

Mental & emotional strength training for student-athletes

No matter how prepared you are physically, elite athletes know that the #1 success factor is having your head in the right place on game day. CBW Soccer Elite recognizes the vital need for mental performance training in sports and is pleased to offer intensive coaching sessions and workshops designed specifically for student-athletes age 14 and older. Our team of pro athletes and performance experts knows what it takes to be successful on and off the field and can help you build the mental and emotional strength to excel in competition.

Mental Performance Coaching

Cutting-edge mindset training for competitors age 14+

It's time to take your game to the next level 

  • Learn the mental skills used by elite-level athletes

  • Set & achieve ambitious goals using a smart plan

  • Adopt a fearless mindset & embrace challenges

  • Focus your mind to block out distractions

  • Quickly recover from setbacks & adversity
  • Relax & enjoy your sport again

  • Define who you are – and who you want to be – as an athlete

  • Use your personal strengths to achieve athletic success

Gain confidence and keep calm under pressure

Your mentality impacts your athletic performance just as much as your physical training. As you know all too well, being in top physical condition doesn't count for much if you're anxious, afraid or easily distracted on game day. Considering all the time and effort you invest in your sport, it's time to stop leaving your mental preparation to chance and let an experienced sport psychology consultant help you build an unshakable competitive mindset.


Our team specializes in youth athletic development and we know from experience that high-quality mental training has an enormous positive impact on athletes' confidence, concentration and ability to execute under pressure. We're also obsessed with science and use the same cutting-edge training techniques with our clients that are taught to elite-level competitive athletes around the world.


Although we’re experts in soccer, the principles of mental performance aren’t limited to one sport or activity. In fact, the mental skills we teach can be applied to all areas of your life – not just athletics. We'll teach you how to stay calm and relaxed, feel more confident, bounce back from disappointment and, most important, have fun on the field. Whether you compete in soccer, basketball, track & field, skiing, or any other sport, we’ll help you develop the mental and emotional strength to excel.​​

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