Private Training

Improve your game & stand out on the field


Private training is the perfect option for players who wish to develop high-level soccer skills. During each session, players enjoy a fun, pressure-free environment as they improve technical and tactical mastery. Each private session is led by Chris Bart-Williams, a former EPL star and elite soccer coach with decades of experience developing youth, collegiate and professional players into accomplished athletes.


Choose from either an individual (1:1) or two-player (2:1) coaching format for an hour of focused attention tailored to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each player. Players will gain valuable new techniques and game strategies — and the ability to make faster, smarter decisions when they return to their team environment.

  • Benefit from real-time feedback and tailored instruction

  • Train to meet college coaches' expectations

  • Improve foot skills and techniques

  • Build emotional and mental toughness

  • Understand players’ roles and responsibilities

  • Learn to play with more confidence

Private Training Rates


Recruiting Program Members: $200/hr.

Standard: Not available


Recruiting Program Members: $300/hr.

Standard: Not available

Private training is currently available only to members of the CBW Soccer Elite recruiting program.