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Ready to make your college soccer dreams come true?

If your child dreams of playing soccer in college, don't leave the recruitment process to chance. Led by Premier League legend, professional coach, and recruiting expert Chris Bart-Williams, our staff of advisers are former professional players, college coaches, administrators and educators with decades of experience helping players get recruited to college programs. 

Ready to say goodbye to the stress of college recruiting?

CBW Soccer Elite has extensive experience in youth development and college soccer placement, with deep knowledge of the expectations, requirements and coaching philosophies of college programs throughout the US. We use what we know to guide you through every step of the recruiting process, helping you make the best decisions for your family – and flagging common missteps that can derail your efforts.


Players in the recruiting program also receive a professional assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, and college aspirations, including a list of best-fit colleges and ID camps; training and development recommendations for their top-choice schools; and detailed feedback from college coaches on their readiness for their college program.

Our team of athletic and academic advisors are former professional soccer players and coaches who understand the challenges and frustrations of college recruitment and can offer insight, guidance and peace of mind to help you navigate the college recruitment journey. Expert advisors are on call and ready to offer guidance and advice when you need it, with real-time feedback and answers to your most pressing training and college recruiting questions. 

With only 2% of American high school students able to play the sport they love in college, we provide a critical advantage in the college recruitment process.

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Preparing for College

We believe in well-rounded student athletes. It’s about more than just placing athletes on a team - our players develop technical and tactical expertise, get connected with college programs that match their goals, and arrive on campus fit and ready to compete for a starting position.


US athletes in the Elite Recruiting Program benefit from:

  • A dedicated advisor guiding you through every stage of the recruiting process

  • Customized best-fit college list that matches your needs and priorities

  • Expert evaluation of your current level of development and recruitability 

  • Ongoing outreach to college programs on your target list for placement assistance

  • Honest assessments from college coaches on your suitability for their programs

  • Personalized list of recommended ID camps to enhance your recruiting activities

  • Regular follow-up to get coaches’ feedback on your camp, showcase and game performances

  • Exclusive insight into coaches' expectations and team culture at your target list of schools

  • Periodic tactical review sessions on your game performance

  • Soccer development recommendations tailored to the technical, tactical, mental and physical requirements of your target schools

  • Discounts for CBW Soccer Elite training clinics and private lessons to improve technical, tactical and psychological mastery

  • VIP access and special pricing for CBW Soccer Elite ID camps attended by top-ranked college programs

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No other college soccer recruiting program offers this service. Take our College Readiness Assessment and receive your personalized Best-Fit College Report that details...


  • Which schools are the best match for your academic, athletic and financial goals

  • Which schools you should consider based on your location, lifestyle, tuition, academic rigor, and other important preferences

  • Which schools meet your scholarship and financial aid needs

  • Where to focus your recruiting efforts and why

Your report is created just for you and is 100% personalized to your goals and priorities. The information you receive will help you develop realistic college goals, make informed decisions about where to focus your recruiting efforts, and help you create a smart strategy for your recruiting journey.

Families in our recruiting programs receive a free personalized report as part of their membership.

​ CBW Soccer Elite prepares student-athletes for a

rewarding college experience and a lifetime of success


International Recruiting Program

Ready to play in the USA?

Pursuing a degree in the United States is life changing to say the least. Living on campus, interacting with students from around the world, and exploring all that an American university has to offer will prepare you for a fulfilling life by opening the door to future possibilities and helping you stand out to prospective employers. But applying to an American university can be overwhelming. Selecting the state you want to live and study in is tough enough. East coast versus west? Mountains or beach? Looking for an urban environment, or somewhere a little less crowded? Even if you’ve figured all of that out, the difficulties of finding financial assistance to make an overseas education possible keep many students from pursuing their dream. 


In addition to helping hundreds of student-athletes find the college of their dreams, the recruiting experts at CBW Soccer Elite have been through this process ourselves and know firsthand just how tough it can be for international students to play soccer in the US. Our recruiters have traveled from abroad, attended US colleges and universities, received scholarships, played professionally, coached collegiately, and understand what goes into this life-changing decision. The experience of a lifetime is out there waiting for you. Trust the CBW Soccer Elite recruiting team to help make your dream come true.

Connecting You with College Programs

We are committed to finding you the best possible universities and scholarships available. We take your strengths, weaknesses, priorities and finances into consideration to find the best fit for each individual student-athlete. Using our vast network of contacts and decades of experience, we offer outstanding college options for you to take advantage of.

Athletes in the International Recruiting Program benefit from:

  • Personalized College Readiness Assessment and Best-fit College Report to identify specific institutions that fit your needs and priorities

  • A realistic evaluation of your scholarship chances

  • Advice from our team of academic, athletic and recruiting experts on how to navigate the US university system

  • VIP access to invitation-only ID clinics attended by top-ranked US college coaches

  • Exclusive insights into coaches' expectations and team cultures at the highest-ranked college programs

  • An athletic profile with photos and videos of you, promoted among US college soccer coaches

  • Support during registration and preparation for the necessary tests

  • Help communicating with college coaches

  • Assistance with comparing teams and universities

  • Explanations and help comparing different scholarship terms

  • Help with your NCAA or NAIA registration

  • Assistance with your application at the university of your choice

  • Advice on how to file visa applications, insurance and other important details

  • Personalized mentorship during your studies in the US

  • Dedicated on-call customer service and support

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