The Benefits of Self-Confidence

In our daily conversations with players and families we talk a lot about the steps athletes can take to become more successful both on and off the field – and when we're not talking about success we're working with families to create it.

Depending on the specific situation or challenge, our work with athletes might include helping them create a game strategy, decide when and how to have a difficult conversation with their coach, develop a pregame routine to reduce anxiety, or simply train to improve their technical skills. All of these activities are important and will lead to improvements, but there's a critical element that is arguably the most important factor in athletic success: confidence.

You already know that an athlete's confidence can make or break their game-day performance. Over time, though, high self-confidence also fuels micro-successes that can propel a player's athletic career to the highest level. If that sounds like hype, it isn't. Don't get me wrong, self-confidence isn't a substitute for skill or training – and being overconfident can actually hurt performance – but research shows that confident athletes have the most success.

Check out the infographic below for seven scientifically proven benefits of self-confidence and then get out there and started building your own!

CBW Soccer Elite 7 Benefits of Self-Confidence

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Eva Bart-Williams is a mental performance coach with a private practice helping individuals and teams achieve big goals. Eva is also CBW Soccer Elite’s head of operations, where she helps athletes embrace the challenges of high-level competition and advises families on the college soccer recruitment process. You can reach her at

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